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Nik Muaz eating with biro members


Nik Muaz has participated in a lot of program over the years and he always strive for the best for each and one of them.

Dean's List, CGPA 3.77 Universiti Teknologi Mara (2019)
Melaka International Intellectual Exposition 2019 Gold Medal Universiti Teknologi Mara (6-8 August 2019)
Green Sustainable and Product Innovation Challenge STEM Camp Bronze Award Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (20-26 November 2015)
IEEE-RAS International Robot Pride Competition Silver Medal UiTM HuRoBs (17-18 October 2015)
The Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award Silver Medal Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) (2-4 July 2015)

Extracurricular Activities

Nik Muaz Hakim is passionate in turning his talents into incredible skills. Because of that, Nik Muaz has participated in multiple club activites during his studies.

Vice Project Leader – MC111 Gameinc Event (2020)
Managing Director – Jr Exuberant Consultant for Al-Aqil Kindergarten (2020)
Project Leader – Save Our Ummah (SOU) (2019)
Project Leader – Aqil Residence (Homestay) (2019)
President of Economics Biro under Intellectual Student’s Association (INSAN) – UiTM Kampus Alor Gajah (2019)
Club President – Yellow Sports Team (2018)
Tokoh Permata Budiman – SMK Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (March 2014)


Nik Muaz has work with many projects over the years. So, here are some examples!


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